Test Frameworks, Test Tools, and CICD solutions For TestRail

Railflow solutions extracts, transforms, and publishes test results data directly in TestRail so that you can use TestRail as a single source of truth for software quality metrics

Railflow's out of the box codeless integration solutions helps teams get the most out of their TestRail investment

Integrate any CI vendor with TestRail

Railflow native CI plugins and CLI allows teams to integrate their CI Pipelines with TestRail and seamlessly export test results to TestRail in realtime


Jenkins native plugin and NPM based CLI for flexible integration with TestRail


Teamcity native plugin and NPM based CLI for flexible integration with TestRail


Add Railflow CLI as Steps in Circle CI YAML for flexible integration with TestRail


Add Railflow CLI in Github Actions for flexible integration with TestRail

Railflow CLI helps integrate BuildKite with TestRail in 5 minutes or less

Railflow CLI makes TravisCI integration with TestRail as easy as pie


Railflow CLI helps connect Azure DevOps workflows with TestRail with simple configs

Easily integrate various test framework reports in Gitlab with TestRail using Railflow CLI

Integrate open source and commerical testing tools and frameworks with TestRail

Railflow plugins for ReadyAPI, Katalon, Selenium, TestNG, JUnit, Playwright and many more enables organizations to get the most out of their TestRail investment


Railflow TestNG SDK allows users to map TestNG tests to existing TestRail tests in code in JAVA


Railflow JUnit 5 SDK allows users to map TestNG tests to existing TestRail tests in code in JAVA

Railflow Cypress Reporter allows users to map Cypress tests to existing TestRail tests in code in JS/TS

Railflow extracts tests results and metadata from Playwright JSON report and uploads tests with screenshots to TestRail

Railflow Pytest SDK allows users to map Pytest tests to existing TestRail tests in code in Python


Railflow plugin for ReadyAPI enables flexible integration workflows with TestRail without leaving ReadyAPI


Railflow plugin for Katalon delivers a native experience with unparallel integration capabilities with TestRail


Railflow SDK captures Selenium WebDriver test results, including screenshots, and posts them to TestRail


Railflow Mobile Framework SDK captures Appium test results, including screenshots, and posts them to TestRail


Railflow .NET SDK captures results from NUnit test frameworks, and posts them to TestRail


Railflow supports various BDD frameworks including Cucumber and parses them into steps in TestRail


Railflow supports the popular Robot framework and parses the test output and exports results into TestRail

What Our Customers are Saying ...

Railflow TestRail CLI is Awesome

Trying to integrate with the TestRail REST API is such a waste of my team's time and a royal pain. Using Railflow's incredibly flexible CLI allows my team to quickly integrate our Github Actions CI workflows in 5 minutes and not have to build or support some custom tooling

Pratiksha Shah
SDET @ US Bank

Kickass Jenkins plugin

We are heavy Jenkins with multiple Jenkins servers that run thousands of tests per job. Being able to quickly deploy and configure Railflow Jenkins plugin and process various types of test framework reports without any hiccup was mind blowing. Easily saved my team hundreds of hours

Darren Young
Software Engineer at Dell

VSCode TestRail Extension - YES !!!!

This is such an incredible and creative solution for TestRail that TestRail should simply acquire this tool. Being able to design my tests inside of VSCode with a TestRail like UX is crazy cool and adding GIT version control on top of that has made my team 10X more productive

Peter Brown
Software Engineert @ FedEx

Google Sheets Addon is Fire

Our army of QA contractors work on Google Sheets. Our security policies do not allow TestRail access so it was a pain to share tests in Google Sheets. But with the Railflow Google Sheets plugin, I can easily share and collaborate with my QA contractors and the QA contractors get to experience a TestRail UX within Google Sheets. How cool is that. I don't know Railflow engineers did it but it is super nice.

Joe Lee
QE Lead @ Stealth

Selenium and Playwright in TestRail

Our team uses TestRail as the single place for all tests results (manual and automated) and we have automated tests in every framework known to mankind. We were spending so much time extracting data from our Selenium and Playwright reports that it was part of our planning process. After we incorporated Railflow solution with our various test frameworks and CI workflows, we spend zero hours in getting results into TestRail. Everything has been automated and the engineers can focus on testing.

Jessica Nguyen
QA Engineer @ Dell

Increases our ReadyAPI productivity

Our team uses ReadyAPI for testing backend APIs and aboslutely love the tool. We didn't love the pain of trying to reflect the test results and had no way of mapping ReadyAPI tests to existing tests in TestRail. We were very skeptical about Railflow at first but really admired their non-pushy sales and support team. They gave us a lot of time to evaluate Railflow plugin for ReadyAPI and even made some improvements based on our suggestions. Our team is now a satisfied customer of Railflow

Leslie Smith
QA Manager and RBC Bank

You’ll be in good company